PSYC 8110 Psychiatry and Neurology Clerkship



White, M. Crooks
Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail
Term 1 and 2

The goals of the third year medical student clerkship in Psychiatry is designed to provide the student with a broad clinical experience. The students will participate in clinical experiences in the inpatient unit at Borgess, Bronson, Oaklawn(Marshall) or the inpatient or outpatient unit at the Battle Creek VA.
Student will spend one week on the inpatient service for neurology at Bronson Methodist Hospital, Borgess Medical Center, or Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. They will be a member of the team seeing consults and caring for the hospitalized patients with neurological issues. During this week they also will be involved in the evaluation of acute infarcts/strokes.
The second week is intended to be an experience in the outpatient neurology practice at one of the medical centers. This experience shall entail seeing patients in the outpatient clinic, and may involve other outpatient experiences such as the neurodiagnostics or sleep labs. For students that may have interest in neurosurgery, or other surgical specialties, they may spend this outpatient week on the neurosurgical service at Bronson Methodist Hospital or Borgess Medical Center (subject to availability). During these clerkships students immerse themselves into the clinical environment, taking on specific responsibilities as a valued member of the healthcare team, while being supervised at all times.