PEDS 8110 Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Clerkship



Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail
Term 1 and 2

The third year Core Pediatric and Adolescent Clerkship will provide the student with broad exposure to both the inpatient and ambulatory aspects of general pediatric care. There are four components to the clerkship: an orientation portion, three weeks of ambulatory pediatrics, three weeks of in-patient pediatrics (days, nights, and newborn), and synthesis and assessment week.

A. Orientation
1. The clerkship will commence with 3 half-days of orientation material. We will begin by defining the expectations and reviewing important procedural components and resources that students will be expected to utilize throughout
the rotation. Topics include prevention and well care visits, issues unique to the newborn and adolescent period, fluids, electrolytes, and nutrition management. Tuesday will be spent in the Simulation Center, focusing on procedures
and simulated patients.

B. Three Weeks of Ambulatory Pediatrics:
1. Placements are in the community or the WMed General Pediatric Clinic.
2. Main tasks of the rotation are accomplished through observation of doctor-patient, doctor-family and doctor-staff interactions, and direct patient care with a focus on patient and family interviewing and physical examination. Staffing
of jointly attended encounters with medical students and attendings may occur at the time of patient care in the exam room, but students will have an opportunity to further discuss the case later in the day.
3. Goals of the ambulatory component are:
i. Compare and contrast the basis for well child care from newborn through adolescence (growth, development, nutrition, safety, anticipatory guidance) and how these tasks change throughout maturation.
ii. Develop differential diagnoses and discuss initial management plans for common pediatric illness and disease processes.
iii. Practice oral presentation skills.
4. Utilizes COMSEP's national pediatric third year curriculum.
C. Three Weeks of Inpatient Pediatrics
1. One week of Inpatient Pediatrics Days (6a to 6p).
2. One week of Inpatient Pediatrics Nights (5:30p to 6:30a).
3. One weekend of Inpatient Call (7 am to 6 pm, Saturday or Sunday of Inpatient Days week).
4. Three to five days of Normal Newborn (7am to 6:30pm)