PATH 9420 Forensic Pathology


2, 4

Completion of Core Clerkships.

By familiarizing the student with forensic pathology, to include scene investigation, clinical history, and autopsy findings, this 4-week elective rotation will enhance the student's ability to establish clinicopathologic correlations. Emphasis will be placed on the development and use of observational and deductive skills, and on self-directed independent study. This elective will also provide an orientation to basic forensic medicine through observation of and active participation in forensic autopsies, death scene investigation, educational resources available through the WMed Library, didactic instruction, observation of courtroom testimony when available, a presentation, and written autopsy reports. The student will receive focused instruction on Michigan Compiled Law as it pertains to physicians and the Medical Examiner's Office in addition to training in proper death certification. The student will be exposed to the related and overlapping fields of anthropology, criminal justice, odontology, and toxicology. The student's mastery of the material will be assessed through daily teaching rounds and a presentation to be given at the conclusion of the rotation.