ORTH 9710 Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery



Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail
Completion of Core Clerkships.

Advanced hospital selectives provide the opportunity for students to assume greater responsibility for patient care of the hospitalized patient, with oversight from supervising residents and attending physicians. Students expand upon competencies they develop during the third year as they care for one to two patients at a time. Additional expectations include responsibility for developing management plans, writing orders, patient handovers and transfers of care, recognizing the policies that support patient safety, and developing competency in procedures that they will perform independently as residents. Fourth year students also assist in teaching third year students.

Designed for the 4th year medical student with a potentially strong interest in pursuing orthopaedic surgery as a career. Patient care involvement will be both in the outpatient clinics and operating room. There will also be opportunities to be involved with emergency department and in-patient consultations. Students will be required to take evening call and will be paired with a resident. Students will have opportunities to work with a variety of faculty that are fellowship trained in the different subspecialties of orthopaedic surgery. There will also be opportunities to work closely with orthopaedic residents. Students will learn musculoskeletal history taking skills, the details of a musculoskeletal physical examination, interpretation of radiographs and advanced imaging techniques, treatment options including both nonoperative and operative management, surgical approaches to include both soft tissue and bone handling techniques, and implant specifics. There will be a lectureship series for students given by the faculty. A fundamental knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy will be important.