OBGY 8110 Obstetrics-Gynecology Clerkship



Ault, Austin
Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail
Term 1 and 2

The Women's Health Clerkship is 6 weeks in length. Ob Gyn combines medicine, surgery, radiology, a little bit of pediatrics, preventive medicine and many other aspects of human biology. Our big picture is health care for women.
This rotation can be very unpredictable. Your schedules are posted on the course site. To give each of you a balanced experience, each one of you have an individual rotation schedule. This is done to give everyone an equivalent number of days in each of the areas that are the most valuable for you.
We hope you get to experience some of the amazing things we do in Ob Gyn and appreciate their diversity and complexity.
The following components make up the Clinical Experience:
Labor and Delivery: 4 day shifts
Labor and Delivery: 4 night shifts
Gynecology Surgery: 3 shifts
Ambulatory: 8 shifts
Maternal Fetal Medicine Oncology, or Urogynecology: 5 shifts
Ultrasound: 1 shift
Students will meet one day a week to cover various academic topics in Ob Gyn. During the second half of the last week of the clerkship, students will review and synthesize essential clinical concepts, review and assess important clinical skills, and prepare for and successfully complete the NBME Shelf Exam.