MED 9630 Point of Care Ultrasound



T. Melgar
Completion of Core Clerkships.

This elective will teach basic point of care ultrasound skills for use in primary care and hospital settings including emergency room, inpatient medicine, and critical care through an on-line curriculum using text and videos and will include a two hour ultrasound lab each day. Modules will include: 1) Ultrasound Physics, 2) Gall Bladder and liver, 3) Kidneys and Bladder, 4) Aorta, pancreas and spleen, 5) Lung and Pleura, 6) Echocardiography, 7) Basic Musculoskeletal US. 8) Thyroid, Cardotids and Lymph nodes, 9) Eyes, Skin and Basic Venous US. An optional module with lab is US guided procedures. Optional modules without associated labs include OB, Gyn, Breast, Testicular Pediatrics, and Tropical Medicine. The ultrasound labs will involve scanning of student volunteers enrolled in the elective. To optimize the scanning experience of everyone enrolled in the elective most students should anticipate volunteering to be scanned by their colleagues at each 2 hour lab. Volunteering is not required and modesty will be optimized. Since most students are young and relatively healthy the lab will be focused on acquisition of images rather than interpretation. Learning the interpretation of images will be from reading and videos.