MED 8110 Medicine Clerkship



Edewaard, Kelly
Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail
Term 1 and 2

The 8-week third year Medicine Clerkship offers a variety of internal medicine clinical experiences. Students will be assigned to either Borgess Medical Center or Bronson Methodist Hospital as their "home base" facility. Students will immerse themselves with 1 week of ambulatory internal medicine, 2 weeks of WMed academic medicine, 2 weeks of hospitalist medicine, and 1 week of nights. During these clerkships students immerse themselves into the clinical environment, taking on specific responsibilities as a valued member of a healthcare team, while being supervised at all times. The final (8th) week is devoted to summative events.

The WMed third year curriculum includes a number of innovations designed to optimize the students' experience and provide an excellent foundation for future growth as a clinician. Students will have two preparatory half days at the start of week 1. These information-packed sessions are designed to optimally prepare the student to excel in the specific clinical skills of an internist, as well as understand their student role, responsibilities and course objectives/goals. Each Wednesday, students will have their own student block conference after internal medicine grand rounds facilitated by WMed medicine faculty. These sessions will focus on key clinical reasoning and relevant topics. The assessment week (week 8) focuses on synthesizing the key knowledge and skills learned during the clerkship and includes the summative assessments. Also, in week 1, there are two half days dedicated to interdisciplinary activities. These interdisciplinary activities, or "plenaries", will bring students from all clerkships together for a joint educational experience.