FMED 9470 Ambulatory Family Medicine



Completion of Core Clerkships.

Ambulatory Family Medicine is an opportunity for students to participate in a busy, resident-based family medicine outpatient clinic. Students will act as entry level residents with direct supervision by senior Family and Community Medicine residents or attending physicians. Participants will perform the initial evaluation of patients, review patient records, and assimilate the information they have gathered into a complete assessment of the patient's presenting problems. Finally, students will be expected to develop a plan for each problem identified. Patients will be regularly presented to supervising physicians to finalize plans and follow-up. Students expand upon competencies they developed during the third year as they team with residents and/or preceptors to provide preventive health services as well as acute and chronic illness management. The faster pace of ambulatory care provides an environment that strengthens patient and family communication skills, rapport development, and oral presentations. The use of evidence to inform treatment and counseling of patients and their caregivers are additional competencies that are highlighted in the outpatient setting.