BIOM 7270 Endocrine and Reproductive Systems



Bouma, Ergun-Longmire
Term 1

Endocrinology and Reproduction Systems provides a fundamental understanding of classic endocrinology, followed by the basic principles and pathologies specific to men and women, including the complexities of pregnancy. Clinical content is woven throughout the course to reinforce the basic science concepts as they relate to clinical application(s), and at the end of each week a highly integrated clinical case is presented in team-based learning format. The course is subdivided into two major sections. The first half of the course concentrates on classic endocrinology and includes the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, thyroid function, calcium-phosphate homeostasis, and the adrenal gland. The second half focuses on the gender-specific differences and/or similarities between the reproductive systems of men and women. Multiple events illustrate the 'grey areas' of reproductive health to highlight the ethical, societal and political challenges evident in this area of medicine. The course concludes with the topic of human sexuality, including interactive discussions about the societal and ethical responsibilities (and challenges) that the modern clinician may face when treating members of the straight and LGBT communities.