BINF 9211 Biomedical Informatics Research



Department approval required.

This elective provides an opportunity for students to participate in new and ongoing Clinical Informatics research projects in the Department of Biomedical Informatics. Research projects may include working with registries and large databases to examine and investigate current clinical problems. Projects may be from 4-8 weeks in duration, done at flexible time periods to allow the student to participate in conjunction with their regular academic schedule.
Recent topics of research have included:
-Gun violence in southwest Michigan
-Effects of alcohol and drug use on traumatic brain injuries
-Timing and dosages of Lovenox for prevention of DVT/PE after traumatic injury
-Effect of pre-hospital aspiration in trauma patients and subsequent development of pneumonia
-Effects of health information technology and EHRs on physician stress/burnout and health care quality
-The impact on pt BMI of GLP-1 inhibitors
-Obesity research
-Minority health research
-Natural Language processing

Topics are flexible and open to student interest to develop their own clinical question to investigate. Students will have an opportunity to work with clinical databases used for current clinical research as well as a variety of other 'big data' databases to facilitate understand of, and use of these large datasets in Informatics research.