BIOM 7160 Hematology and Oncology



Elliott, Vural
Term 1

Hematology and Oncology provides a fundamental understanding of hematological and tumor biology basic science principles, and the application of this knowledge to clinical hematology, hematological oncology, and cancer. The four-week course focuses on the mechanistic and pathophysiological aspects of blood physiology and neoplasia using clinical examples of the various anemias, leukemias, lymphomas, and selected solid tumors. An overview of basic tumor pathology includes development and progression of benign and malignant disease, grading and staging of tumors, carcinogenesis, and metastasis. The course covers the biological mechanisms underlying cellular growth control, cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, tumor immunology, and the roles of oncogenes and tumor suppressor proteins. The pharmacology of major therapeutic agents used to treat hematological disorders and antineoplastic agents is described. Clinical cases are presented in a team-based learning format to provide reinforcement of basic science concepts as they relate to clinical applications. After completing this course, medical students are able to apply the general concepts of tumor biology and cancer therapeutics to specific neoplastic diseases they encounter in future organ-based courses.